Mister Plugin Energi Sparer – Reduser dine strømregninger

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Spar strøm Stabiliserer Enkel innstallasjon Inget vedlikehold

Mister Plugin Energi Sparer. Dette smarte tilbehøret til huset sparer ikke bare ditt strømforbruk men stabiliserer også strømmen, og reduserer spenningsforandringer som kan skade ditt elektroniske utstyr. Mister Plugin øker effektiviteten på ditt strømforbruk. 


  • Sparer energi effektivt
  • Miljøvennlig
  • Reduserer strømregningen
  • Enkel innstallasjon og bruk
  • Ingen krav til vedlikehold
  • Øker levetiden til ektronikk koblet til strømnettet
  • Stabiliserer spenningen
  • Reduserer risikoen for spenningsskader 
  • Harminserer med sikkerhetstandarder 
  • Beskytter miljøet
  • Minker elektromagnetisk strøling
  • Kan brukes 24t i døgnet 365 dager i året

Mister Plugin energi  kan benyttes i garasje, vasketommet, kjøkkenet baderommet, soverommet osv. 


Hvordan virker denne enheten, og hvordan kan jeg spare strøm bare ved å benytte denne? Følgende er skrevet om denne enheten.

The Energy Saver is a Energy Optimizer. It is a product with CE certificate and is currently TOP Gadget in Europe. Another thing you would expect from a product that allows you to save up to 35% of your invoice into electricity.
Is a product that in addition to enable a high savings on your energy bill tooestabliza electric current of the circuit, reducing the fluctuations that cause suffering and even damage the equipment.


The Energy Saver is an electronic filter for high and low frequency, which through its performance, significantly improves the use of energy. The energy economizer improves the power input, the input current, energy efficiency, power factor and other performance indicators.
This device protects the electrical equipment keeping the voltage stability of electrical power, and in this process of energy optimization can save energy.


Working principle
Alternating current is transmitted as a sine wave.
The waves generated in the power generating stations are transmitted via the mains electricity supply and strike your home or Office with certain strains due to different electrical disturbances that originate partly in the process of distribution of energy. The wave received by the final consumer, in most cases, with its deformation has peaks and current losses. These changes increase the maintenance cost, then increase your electricity bill and reduce the life of your appliances.
Energy saving is to reduce or eliminate the effects of disturbance in electrical voltage sine wave, allowing the accumulation of energyfor 10 seconds, keeping the voltage constant, when there are spikes and drops. This process provides the reactive power necessary to establish the electro-magnetic field of an electric motor and, simultaneously, recovers and reuses energy during the normal working cycle, without having so energy losses.

The life of the energy saver is 80,000 hours (more than 9 years).


-The energy saver can be plugged into any socket in your home, Office, shop or any other location.
-Preferably, must be connected close to the devices that have a higher consumption. 
-Should be used an energy saver on each electrical phase (if your electric Board has more than one phase).
-To use it, simply plug in a wall socket. Does not require any maintenance.
-With the economizer connected, the indicator light should be lit green light. Which means that is already saving energy.
-One of the devices must be connected as close as possible to the electrical panel, and the second anywhere in the House, where electrical equipment for high consumption.


-Once connected not switch off the appliance, never this way will lose the benefits of energy saving.
-When connected, the economizer device, must be handled with care to avoiddamage.
-Do not open or attempt to repair the power saver.
-Keep away from reach of children. 


-Allows you to save up to 35% of energy.
It is fashionable in Europe, is attractive and practical.
-Helps to protger the environment, avoiding energy waste.
-Prolongs service life and ensures the safety of your appliances.
-Can be used in stores, houses, restaurants, workshops, factories, etc.
-Save energy effectively.
-Can reduce your electricity bills by up to 35%.
-Easy to use, requires no installation, just put the plug, no need for maintenance.
-Stabilizes the electrical current.
-Reduces electrical load.
-Provides surge protection.
-Protects against harmful electromagnetic waves.
-Fully compatible with the European safety standards.
-Voltage: 90V-250V
-Power output: 19,000 W
-Frequency: 50 Hz-60 Hz
-Energy saving Efficiency varies, depending on the quality of their appliances, allows save on appliances mainly low energy efficiency.


1. will the illegal electricity saving device?
Do Not. The electricity is like a family unit that can plug into any wall socketcurrent in your House. Don't worry, it's absolutely legal, approved and complies with the CE standards.


2. are there any dangers in the use of energy?
Electricity Saver very safe. Does not contain lead and does not generate heat and no danger in the use of it.


3. energy saver, how many do I need?
We recommend two electricity-saving devices for each home.


4. electricity Economizer is effective on all devices?
This product applies to many types of electrical appliances such as: air conditioning, washing machine and dishwasher, refrigerators, electric fans, motors, pumps, sewing machines, portable power tools, comprensores, etc.


5. What is the duration of the energy saver?
Life of 80,000 hours, i.e. nearly 10 years.


6. should I turn off the energy saver for some period of time?
No, so that you can save, one should never turn off the energy saver of electric current.



Warning: As this appliance accumulates energy, the user should not touch the metal contacts immediately after removing the mains power saver.


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